SyBoSS - Systems Biology of Stem Cells and Reprogramming

Supported by the EU Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7).

Welcome to SyBoSS.Systems Biology of Stem Cells and Reprogramming.

Anchors away for SyBoss, the EU research initiative towards nerve cell regeneration.

Biologists, chemists, physicists and bioinformaticians from five European countries have been engaged by the EU Seventh Framework to work out how stem cells differentiate. How a simple stem cell becomes a highly specialized member of a network, and how those conditions could be recreated in treating disease, is the focus of the Systems Biology of Stem Cells and Reprogramming project.

When most human tissues are damaged, the wound is healed by cell division, to grow back skin, muscle or bone. On injury, the injured part is temporarily returned to a less specialized state. Once the signals to keep dividing are gone, the new cells establish different molecular interactions that give them their special functions.

Adult nerve cells were previously not thought to regenerate. However, we now know that even in the adult human brain, new nerve cells arise. Exercise, enriched environment, good nutrition, sunlight, and fresh air all help to regenerate nerve cells. Exactly how this happens, is what the SyBoSS research initiative intends to find out.

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